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What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive and side-effect-free method. This process, using laser light with wavelengths of 600 to 900 nanometers and power less than 500 milliwatts, helps stimulate and regenerate cells.

Laser irradiation at wavelengths close to red and infrared penetrates cells and interacts with mitochondria. This leads to an increase in ATP, nitric oxide, and oxygen, improves blood flow, and aids in the acceleration of RNA and DNA synthesis.

Therapeutic outcomes include faster growth of new blood vessels, regeneration of nerve cells, and reduction of inflammation. LLLT is beneficial for treating a wide range of conditions, including wound healing, pain relief, and brain and neurological disorders.

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Dr. Fatemeh Aliabadi Neurotherapist

Faster treatment procedure than other neurotherapy methods

Dr. Aazam Kermanian psychiatrist

Treatment of more than 250 Neurological and psychological disorders

Dr. Donya Jaafari Neurotherapist

Faster and more persistent effect in a shorter time

Dr Aliakbar Hosseinzadeh Neurotherapist

80 - 90 percent treatment of brain stoke

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